Night time in the city!

Just in case you think this small town “rolls up its sidewalks” in the evening, as the old proverbial saying goes, Cambridge and the surrounding area can be a happening place at nighttime!

First, you have all of our eclectic eateries with their cool bars which is a great way to spend an evening out with friends. On weekends, you can take in the view of the city and eat oven fired pizza and drink wine or craft beer at Georgetown Vineyards.

If you want to boogie the night away, try Downtown Arena. They bring in bands weekly on Saturday night…and their food, especially their pizza is delish!

On the artsy side, we offer a plethora of entertainment whether it’s taking in a play by local performers in our downtown historic district at the Cambridge Performance Art Centre or a Broadway show at our state of the art Pritchard Laughlin Civic Center. Lots of musical performances take place in the beautiful Scottish Rite Auditorium as well. If it’s bluegrass that gets your toes to tappin’, you will want to check out the Pennyroyal Opera House in Fairview on Friday nights where well-known bluegrass bands play. In the summer time, our Cambridge City Band offers free concerts on Thursday evenings in our picturesque city park.

So what are you waiting for? Come join the fun!