Kid Friendly Activities in Cambridge/Guernsey County

National Museum Cambridge Glass, Cambridge. 136 S 9th Street 43725. 740-432-4245. Hours: Wednesday-Saturday 9am-4pm, Sunday Noon-4pm (April-October). Closed Easter & July 4th. Admission: $5.00 general (age 12+), $4.00 senior. View a short vintage film that explains the handmade glassmaking process used by the Cambridge Glass Company (1902-1958). Dress up holding tools used many years ago and then see over 8,000 pieces of colorful Cambridge Glass. In the Education Center feel the quality of the crystal, play with glass marbles, and do a pencil rubbing from an authentic etching plate.

THEO’S RESTAURANT, Cambridge. 632 Wheeling Avenue. 740-432-3878. Hours: Monday-Saturday 10am-9pm. Tons of good sandwiches and specials of the day. Famous for their Coney Dogs & Mile High Pie (tall lemon meringue)…and their good service!

GUERNSEY COUNTY HISTORY MUSEUM, Cambridge. 218 N Eighth Street 43725. 740-439-5884. Hours: Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday Noon-3pm (May-October). Extended hours November & December. Admission: $5.00 adult, $3.00 child. This 188 year old, restored 16 room home, contains antique furnishings, products and personal items from Guersney County. Included for kids: a display of an authentic one-room school house and a life like replica of a coal mine from the 1890’s.

NOTHING BUT CHOCOLATE, Cambridge. 731 Wheeling Ave, downtown. 740-439-5754. Handcrafted chocolates and specialty items made in small batches. She has “roll&dip parties” (dip treats in chocolate) and her Buckeye candies are winning state competitions. They are that good!

Notable: Mosser Glass still does it old school and you can still tour! The John & Annie Glenn Museum was recently named a National Historic Site. It enlightens visitors about life in 1937 during the Great Depression, in 1944 during WWII, an in 1962 when John Glenn orbited Earth. Kid-friendly areas include: “talk” to Astronaut Glenn in space (wasn’t his capsule small?); look for his triclycle & train set; and his radio he bought and shared with Annie when they were young. Great way to inspire kids if they work hard and stay out of trouble, they could be famous some day. Living Word Outdoor Drama refurbishes their set each year and even rethinks scenes to make them more engaging! The staff & actors are so devoted & gifted. The audience is drawn into the dramatic story through lighting, special effects, sound, and authentic costumes. Live animals are also used in the play, including a white donkey and an authentic horse-drawn Roman chariot. Even though most know the story, this presentation is moving…