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Salt Fork Festival Painter - Cambridge, OH

Creature Weekend

Saturday, October 19, 2019 08:00am

Contact 740-888-1313


Cryptozoologists gather in Ohio to Celebrate Bob Gimlin’s 88th Birthday this October Salt Fork State Park, Ohio, 10/18/2019: Creature Weekend will be holding its 8TH Annual Creature Weekend conference at Salt Fork State Park in Ohio on October 18‐20, 2019. This year’s events include A Friday Night (October 18, 2019) presentation to honor Bob Gimlin’s 88th Birthday which includes individual speeches from cryptozoologists celebrating Bob’s life in Bigfooting, presentation of a special banner to Bob signed by all of the dinner attendees, and a special presentation by James Vieira (Cohost of the History Channel’s “Search for the Lost Giants” and co‐author of “Giants on Record”) on the subject of the giant skeletal remains that have been uncovered all over the world. A dinner of Prime Rib/Chicken or Vegetarian stir fry will be served at this event. We thank the Cryptid Hunters North America for sponsoring this event.
Saturday (October 19, 2019) will feature a Cryptozoology Flea Market which is free and open to the public. Paid ticket holders will be able to listen to additional Cryptozoology presentations by Bob Gimlin, James Renner, Adam Davies, and Scott Carpenter. James Vieira will not be speaking but will be available to sign autographs. Speaker bio’s can be found at http://www.creatureweekend.com/2019‐ speakers.html After a brief dinner break, we will be screening the movie, “Paranormal Bigfoot” by Bill and Amy Lancaster followed by a Q & A by the producers. Immediately following the Q&A will be a bonfire event where we will be sharing stories of bigfoot encounters and UFO sightings while roasting
marshmallows and smores.
Sunday’s (October 20, 2019) Activities Include a tour of the Bigfoot Sightings at Salt Fork State Park followed by a BBQ event celebrating the 52nd Anniversary of the Patterson Gimlin video of Bigfoot filmed at Bluff Creek in 1967.
A handful of tickets are still available online at http://www.creatureweekend.com/tickets.html About Creature Weekend: Creature Weekend is the nation’s largest annual Cryptozoology Conference held in Cambridge, Ohio. Each year, speakers from a cross‐section of the field of Cryptozoology and Ufology give presentations on various extraterrestrial subjects and cryptids including Bigfoot, Yeti, Dogmen, and other creatures which defy science and the imaginationl. Discounted Conference Tickets are available online while they last. For more information and a complete schedule of events, please
visit http://www.creatureweekend.com/ or email or call 740‐888‐1313.


Location Salt Fork Lodge & Conference Center
14755 Cadiz Road
Lore City
United States