Time Travelers

Experience what life was like for a Cambridge Glass House family in the early 1900s! This unique journey takes groups through the history of the Cambridge Glass Factory.

Experience what life was like for a Cambridge Glass House family in the early 1900s! Meet the mother, Mrs. Yonek in her babushka, who “held down the fort” at home making ends meet. How did she keep their clothes clean? Where did she cook and how? What was the neighborhood like? Who worked at the newly opened mammoth Cambridge Glass Company? What happened at the glass house during World War I? Experience this and more! Your group will discover more of the Cambridge/Guernsey County story as your coach travels back through time! Each guest receives a map of “old Cambridge” as a keepsake from this tour.

Day One
Arrive at the National Museum of Cambridge Glass for a step back into the 1900s. Your group will be greeted by a worker from the Glass House for this very interactive tour. Tour St. John’s Episcopal Church that the president and owner of the Cambridge Glass Factory, AJ Bennet, built. While eating lunch at Central Station Steak & Ale, your group may encounter a coal miner walking to the mines for a day’s work or his wife arriving in time to take his lunch pail to him.

In the afternoon, your group can choose from several make and take option. Whether it’s embellishing a piece of pottery or making a yummy chocolate creation, there are sure to have plenty of fun. Keeping the theme of Time Travelers, your group can choose to tour the Guernsey County History Museum with focus on a replica of a deep vein coal mine and meet Coal Miner Dave who worked at one of the two mines owned by the Cambridge Glass Factory. Have a relaxing dinner at one of our local restaurants that offer delicious buffets or plated menu options. Live music or a presentation can be provided.

Check into your hotel for a good night’s sleep.

Day Two
Experience Mosser Glass with a tour of the factory and an emphasis on what our mothers and grandmothers would have used to prepare and serve food from their 1900s kitchen. The next stop is The Pantry Door and Deli offering health foods, dried fruits, nuts, cheeses, deli meats, candy and more. Plenty of samples will be offered to your group, and each will walk out with a special goody bag!

Enjoy lunch at Timbers Restaurant located in the lovely Salt Fork Lodge & Conference Center for an exclusive meal that features Chef Jason who will talk to your groups about the preparation and execution of one of the dishes served.

After lunch, the group can participate in one of our many seasonal outdoor experiences including the Wilds, Deerassic Park Education Center or a pontoon boat ride on Seneca Lake. During the holidays, experience Dickens Victorian Village.