Dealing with COVID19 as an Industry

March 19, 2020

Dear Team Tourism Partners,

The Cambridge/Guernsey County VCB staff participated in the Roger Brooks, Destination Development Association (DDA)  webinar “Dealing With the Coronavirus: What to do immediately to help save your tourism industry, and downtown businesses.” If you were unable to watch it, we have attached his power point presentation.  In his presentation, Roger makes 12 important points to our tourism industry:

  1. Stay positive
  2. Get involved
  3. Be helpful – show you care
  4. Encourage camping/Rving/the outdoors (Destination Marketing Organizations and VCB’s)
  5. Encourage day trips and outdoor activities. Follow the “get away from it all” theme. (DMO’s and VCB’s)
  6. Create a gift-card promotion campaign ( Downtown Associations and Chambers of Commerce)
  7. To-go orders and deliveries ( Restaurants)
  8. Fumigate and wipe-downs of all rooms and surfaces (Lodging facilities)
  9. Cancel and postpone gatherings, events, ect. in 30-day increments ( Large gatherings)
  10. Apply for help – Funding Sources and other assistance resources
  11. Use your time wisely – Improve your businesses (physically). Invest in our marketing.
  12. Stay positive – you will get through his. Help is on the way!

We are updating our Spring Staycations regularly as we learn what our partners are doing. I encourage you to check it often.

Please reach out to us and let us know how you are doing, what we can do to help or changes we can make to your listing on our website.

United we stand.

Debbie Robinson,

Executive Director