Bigfoot Night Hikes & More

Are you fascinated by the legend of Bigfoot, the yeti or Sasquatch? If so, you’ll be intrigued to learn that this elusive creature has been reportedly sighted in Ohio since the 1700s. In fact, there have been over 40 sightings in Guernsey County’s Salt Fork State Park alone since the mid-1980s. This spring or summer, seize the opportunity to catch a glimpse of the shaggy beast for yourself! Come explore Guernsey County and its exciting events and attractions that cater to both cryptozoologists and skeptics. For a unique blend of nature and local legends, join the monthly family-friendly Bigfoot Night Hikes guided by the park naturalist at Salt Fork State Park. These hikes take place after dark, allowing you to search for the legendary Bigfoot while enjoying the park’s beautiful trails and wildlife. And don’t forget to stop by the lodge gift shop for a wide selection of Bigfoot souvenirs suitable for all ages and enthusiasts.

Since 2005, the Ohio Bigfoot Conference has been the ultimate gathering for fans of the legendary creature. Held at Salt Fork State Park and Lodge, this event brings together top-rated speakers from across the Bigfoot community. From TV personalities to academics, local and national investigators and other prominent figures, you’ll hear firsthand accounts of Sasquatch sightings and learn about the latest research in this fascinating field. But it’s not just about lectures – there are also plenty of free events for everyone to enjoy, including a vendor fair with the largest selection of Bigfoot merchandise around. 

The race is on! Join us at Salt Fork State Park for the Bigfoot races this summer and winter! The summer Sasquatch 50K, 20 & 10-mile trail races will be held on June 15-16, 2024. Get ready to conquer the rolling hills on the challenging 10.4-mile loop course. Even hikers can participate in the 10 Miler, with a generous cutoff time that allows you to enjoy a supported hike at your own pace.

Return for more racing adventures this winter for the Bigfoot 50K, 20- & 10-mile trail races on Dec. 14-15, 2024! If you can’t make it to the Sasquatch races, this is your chance to experience an awesome Ohio stay-cation with your family. Salt Fork Lodge offers great rooms at reasonable prices. To get the Bigfoot race discount, call (740) 439-2751 and request it when making your reservation. Learn more about the race at

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