A Look Inside The National Museum Of Cambridge Glass

Cambridge Glass is treasured by collectors who love the variety of styles and distinctive colors which were created by these Ohio artisans. While only in operation for just over a half century, the catalog is impressive. The National Museum of Cambridge Glass has over 10,000 pieces on display, including the very first one made in 1902.

Tours of the National Museum of Cambridge Glass begin with a presentation detailing the history of the company and important local figures. Visitors also learn a bit about the glass making process and can stand in for the workers on stage. Afterwards, there is a vintage video about the company that gives a great overview of the factory and employees.

A walk through the gallery showcases a myriad of designs and colors. Even if you have little interest in fine glassware, you’ll find yourself spellbound by the brilliant jewel tones. The collection is presented in order by decade and features several pieces in each collection. There are many creative designs and everyone is sure to find a few favorites. At the back of the gallery, a small room has vintage pieces for sale.

At the read of the museum, another room contains artifacts from the factory, such as glass molds and a company safe. There is also a speakeasy bar and displays of various Cambridge Glass memorabilia. Across the hall, guests can try their hand at etching using paper and pencils. The original metal plates are amazingly intricate and, after practicing with a few on paper, you can imagine the skill involved in transferring these designs onto delicate glassware.

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