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WV Travel Team: Into The Wilds — Ohio enclave home to rare, endangered animals

CUMBERLAND, Ohio — I’ve never been on an African safari. Or even to Africa, for that matter. The closest I ever got to what I imagine such an experience must be like came about in mid-July.

That’s when I visited The Wilds, a nearly 10,000-acre enclave that’s a two-hour drive north from Charleston up Interstate-77.

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Just 80 miles from Columbus, the small town of Cambridge, Ohio has an abundance of recreational activities and a calendar full of special events. Cambridge has a growing foodie scene with breweries, food trucks, vineyards and a variety of restaurants.

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Smell Fresh Baked Goods at Kennedy’s Bakery



Anyone with a sweet tooth in southeast Ohio knows there’s only one place with a cure-all for your sugar cravings.  Kennedy’s Bakery has been operating in the small town of Cambridge since 1925.  The third generation family business is now run by siblings, Bobby and Patty Kennedy.  On any given day, the world famous bakery is full of hustle and bustle and of course, incredible smells that loft down the street.  

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9 truths you’ll only understand if you’ve been to Cambridge, Ohio

CAMBRIDGE IS A small town in the foothills of Appalachian Ohio, and before my first visit, I didn’t know much about it. I was also skeptical — what could Cambridge possibly have to offer that I couldn’t find somewhere else? As a long-time Ohioan, I was pretty sure I knew the state like the back of my hand. And now, I’m pleased to say that I was wrong. I discovered a surprising amount of adventure packed into one little spot, and a few truths along the way.

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11 autumn comfort foods to try before you die

SUMMER IS COMING TO AN END. The heat wave is about to break, the temperature’s about to drop, and food is about to get delicious. Autumn is apple season, barbecue season, chili season, and pumpkin beer season. Basically, it’s the best food season there is. So it’s probably time to start making a list of fall comfort foods you absolutely have to try before you die.

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